April 15, 2014

Create Bootable USB – Windows 8.1 / 7

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Step 1: Open Command Prompt as administrator. To do this, in Windows 8, simultaneously press Windows + X keys to see Power Menu in the bottom left corner of the screen, click Command Prompt (admin), and then click Yes for the UAC prompt to launch elevated prompt.

If you’re on Windows 7, open Start menu, type CMD in Start screen search box, and then simultaneously press Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys to run Command Prompt as administrator.

Step 2: Next, in the Command Prompt, type the following command:

Type DISKPART and press Enter key.

Install Windows 8.1 From bootable USB Flash Drive Step01

Step 3: Type LIST DISK and then press Enter key to see list of all connected drives to your PC.

Here, you need to note down the Disk number of your USB flash drive that you wish to make bootable. For instance, in the below picture, the Disk number of my USB drive is “Disk 1”. We suggest you double-check your USB drive’s Disk number before proceeding to the next step as we’re going to format it and entering a wrong Disk number might erase other connected drives.

Install Windows 8.1 From bootable USB Flash Drive Step1

Step 4: Enter the following commands one-by-one and press Enter key after entering each command.

SELECT DISK 1 (replace “1” with your USB drive’s disk number)








Close the Command Prompt.

Install Windows 8.1 From bootable USB Flash Drive

Step 5: Next, you need to either insert your Windows 8.1 installation DVD or mount your Windows 8.1 ISO file. If you’re on Windows 8, mounting the ISO file is fairly simple, right-click on the ISO file, select Mount option. When you mount the ISO file, you will see a new virtual drive in Computer (My Computer).

And if you’re on Windows 7, please follow the instructions provided in our how to mount an ISO file in Windows 7 guide to successfully mount it.

Step 8: In this step, you need to copy all files including autorun.ini file from your Windows 8.1 DVD or mounted drive (containing files from ISO). That’s it! Your bootable Windows 8.1 USB drive is ready!

Install Windows 8.1 From bootable USB Flash Drive Step

Good luck! You can reboot or connect your USB drive to the PC on which you wish to install Windows 8.1 and start installing the newest version of Windows.

And if your PC doesn’t support booting from USB, follow our how to install Windows from USB even if your PC doesn’t support it.


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