October 30, 2014

Powershell Function about EventLog

Filed under: Tips — donrsh @ 11:39 am
function Measure-Site
    $URLListFile = "C:\yourname\URLList.txt"
	$URLList = Get-Content $URLListFile -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
	Foreach ($Uri in $URLList)
            $countrycode = (Get-Content c:\yourname\URLListcountry.txt)[$s_no]
            $countrynumber = (Get-Content C:\yourname\CountryNumber.txt)[$s1_no]
		    $Time = Measure-Command {
			C:\yourname\MainScript.ps1} #see previous post on the blogg
            $LogFileExist = Get-EventLog -list | Where-Object { $_.LogDisplayName -eq "ScriptCheck" }
			if (! $LogFileExist)
				New-EventLog -LogName "ScriptCheck" -Source "Scripts"
			if ($Time.Totalseconds -lt 25)
				Write-EventLog -LogName "ScriptCheck" -Source "Scripts" -EntryType information -EventId $countrynumber -Message " $countrycode `nTotal Time: $Time"
			elseif ($Time.Totalseconds -gt 25)
				Write-EventLog -LogName "ScriptCheck" -Source "Scripts" -EntryType warning -EventId $countrynumber -Message " $countrycode  `nTotal Time: $Time"



if (Get-Process -name iexplore -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)
	Stop-Process -Name iexplore

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